Who We Are

Ernest Manning High School’s First Robotics Team, Manning Robotics (formerly Iron Manning), is made up of grade ten through twelve students interested in the fields of Engineering, Technology, Communication, Business, and Science. This unique program provides students the opportunity to design, construct and compete in high profile, innovative robotics competitions. The First Robotics Competition (FRC) encourages students to interact with mentors and their community to further their understanding and skills in Science and Technology. Being part of Manning Robotics and FRC will prepare the students for increasing number of career opportunities available to them in the highly skilled and lucrative technology sectors of the global economy. The robotics competition develops life skills of leadership, effective communication, teamwork, and community as well as project management, financial management and business.

Our Program

Most of our team members will complete the Alberta Construction Safety Association Workplace Safety Certification
and especially those working on Fabrication, Electrical and in the Pit. Our team members are using;

  • Industry Standard Amatrol Training in Electrical and Electrical Control Systems which aligns with the Amatrol training
    used at SAIT (Automation) and at NAIT (Shell Centre for Innovative Manufacturing).
  • Industry Standard Festo Pneumatics and Electrical Control Training Systems which align with the same training and equipment
    used at SAIT (Automation) NAIT –Shell Centre for Innovative Manufacturing.
  • Industry Standard Autodesk Inventor 2014 Software for 3D CAD modelling of all parts. Certificated Training is provided through Lynda.com.
  • Stratasys Dimension 3D Printing for rapid prototyping and manufacture of parts.
  • Larkin CNC Milling for manufacture of highly accurate and close tolerance parts.
  • National Instruments Labview and Java programming software aligned with the Advanced College Placement Computer Science curriculum.
  • ‘Rapid Visualization’ skills as taught in University Industrial Design Programs to ensure effective 3D ideation of concepts and the design process.